Can my child take medicine at School?

If at all possible, it is recommended that parents give medication to students outside of school hours. If it is necessary for the medication to be given during school hours, certain guidelines must be followed. No medication can ever be transported to school by students and cannot be accepted from them. The parent/guardian must complete and sign the appropriate form BEFORE medication can be given at school. Prescription medicines must be in the original bottle and prescribed to the student. Over the counter medications cannot be given by school personnel without a doctor's signature on the form. Some of the items covered by this include aspirin, antacids, Tylenol, cough drops, anti-itch creams, to name a few.

How much school can my child miss?

School attendance is very important to the academic success of your children. State law requires regular and consecutive attendance. Should your child need to be absent from school, please call the school office as soon as possible to report the absence and reason. Unexcused absences cannot be allowed and must be reported to the District Attendance Officer. Please note that after 10 absences of any type, a doctor's excuse, in writing, will be required to excuse medical related absences.

When do we stay inside for recess?

With the arrival of winter, it is important to remember that students need to come to school with the proper clothing for the season. Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather and consider the fact that your child may be outside for about 20 minutes at lunchtime. We will go out for recess when the air temperature including wind chill is above 10 degrees. If either the wind chill or actual air temperature is below 10 degrees, we will stay inside. Our weather information is gathered from the websites of WNEM-5 and Accuweather, in addition to actual readings here at school.A warm jacket or coat, hat, gloves or mittens, and boots are a must in cold weather!

Can I volunteer at school?

Parents and relatives are encouraged to volunteer their services for the purpose of helping as tutors, helping the classroom teachers, working in the library and many other types of activities. For more information contact the Volunteer Coordinators by calling the school office at 893-1100.

Do you offer any special programs to students?

Special programs are offered to the children in need and who qualify for specialized services. Among these programs are: speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, social worker, school psychologist, school services worker, bilingual, Indian education, special education, and the Program for the Academically Talented.

What items should my child NOT bring to school?

In the interest of keeping students focused on learning and to insure student safety while they are here, we ask that students not bring toys, glass items, sharp objects, or electronic equipment to school. We will not be responsible for the loss or damage of such items.

Who can pick up my child from school?

Each parent completes an emergency form, which we keep on file, listing the people who are authorized to pick your child up from school.

How is progress monitored and communicated?

Your child's progress is closely monitored and communication is sent home every 6 weeks, by Mid-Terms and Report Cards. We also have parent/teacher conferences twice a year. If at any time you are concerned with your child's progress, or you have any questions, you can always call your child's teacher or the principal.